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New all-gender and universal washrooms available at the Ottawa Campus

September 29, 2023

Algonquin College is proud to announce a significant milestone in its commitment to inclusion, diversity and breaking down barriers within the College community. Facilities Management has recently completed extensive renovations to multiple washrooms on the Ottawa Campus, culminating in the creation of inclusive, all-gender and universal washroom facilities, as well as the first deliberately designed and constructed all-gender washrooms in College-owned facilities.  

This project has been in the works since 2022, with the overarching goal of fostering inclusivity across campus. A dedicated working group was formed to identify the diverse needs of the College community, including learners, employees and the public who use our facilities. Collaborating with consultants, we set ambitious standards for these all-inclusive washrooms, incorporating valuable lessons learned from the Jack Doyle Athletics and Recreation Centre project completed in 2021.  

“Everyone deserves to have access to safe and welcoming facilities,” said Claude Brulé, President and CEO. “This project further demonstrates Algonquin College’s commitment to fostering understanding and equality across our community.” 

Duane McNair, Vice President, Finance and Administration, echoes President Brulé’s sentiments on the importance of inclusivity across campus spaces.  

“Providing all-gender and universal washrooms is just one way the College is demonstrating its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity for those who study and work on our campuses,” he said. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the various stakeholders who collaborated with our Facilities Management team to ensure every aspect of this project met with the highest standards, and delivered upon everyone’s expectations.” 

Construction on these facilities commenced in May 2023. On Monday, Oct. 2, the four corners all-inclusive washrooms will open in A Building (at the intersection of Makwa and Mahingan) featuring:   

  • Twelve separate all gender washroom stalls.  
  • Two accessible washrooms.  
  • A universal washroom equipped with an adult lift and changing table. The inclusion of the adult lift in the universal washroom is a first of its kind on the Ottawa Campus, significantly enhancing accessibility standards. The College is currently developing a procedure to safely operate the lift; this will be communicated at a later date.  
  • A dedicated nursing/lactation room.   

In addition to the four corners facility, the College has expanded our commitment to inclusivity by adding a universal washroom in P Building with a complete renovation of washroom P109. Furthermore, we have completely revamped the E Building's universal washroom E127 to align with the latest accessibility code requirements. Additional all-inclusive washrooms will soon be available in other buildings in the near future, starting with J Building.  

“Diversity should be supported in every aspect of campus life, including restroom facilities,” said Diane McCutcheon, Vice President, Human Resources. “All-inclusive washrooms promote respect, dignity and further the wellbeing of all College learners and employees.”  

To further enhance the inclusiveness of this new space, Facilities Management worked collaboratively with all members of the College’s Inclusion and Diversity Circle (IDC) to create three wall art installations wall art installations which serve to affirm feelings of belonging, body positivity and body diversity for all users of the space. With a goal to collect quotes, sayings, and affirmations representative across a beautiful and diverse array of identities and lived experiences, the IDC was adamant about ensuring the artwork would resonate and be reflective of anyone and everyone.   

These enhancements reflect our dedication to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our community. We look forward to feedback on these new facilities as we continue to evolve and improve our campus. Please send any questions or comments to  

Please visit the All-Gender Washrooms webpage for more information.